Funko Mint Condition Guarantee

Funko Mint Condition Guarantee

         Q1: Do you guys offer a Mint Condition Guarantee? 
  • The short answer is NO but Yes. We do offer it to a certain level. 
          Q2: Why cant you 100% Guarantee Mint?
  • Most Items are imported from other countries to Funko and then they are sent to us. We have no control over that distribution process but We do our best to carefully package every item when we ship your order.

          Q3: Does that mean there is a chance I will get a ruined item?

  • NO! We inspect every item before shipping it out. Should the item be in un-acceptable conditions we notify customer. Every situation from there will be different depending on Customers decision. 
         Q4:What to do i do if want a mint condition item? 
  • Notify us with a note at check out that you would like item in Mint Condition. Should we not have an item in Mint condition before shipping it out we will contact you so that you can let us know what you would like to do. 

         Q5: I asked for Mint Condition,did not get a notice other wise and my item is NOT in mint Condition, what do i do? 

  • When this happens we must be notified with in 24 Hrs so that we can file a claim with the carrier because the item had to have been in mint condition for us to ship it out. Otherwise we would not have shipped item so In these cases we offer pre-paid labels to send items back or if Funko has extra Boxes we can get a box replacement and send it to you but this does take some time. The decision is ultimately up to the customer. 

          Q6: How about  Pre-ordered items?

  • Pre-ordered items are items that we do not yet have in stock so we can not confirm the condition of any of these items until they are in our possession.

          Q7: Does Pre-ordering an item early help my chances of getting a mint condition item?

  • Yes! We ship all of our items on first come first serve basis. All of the First orders are always be in the most Mint Condition. 

We believe that happy return customers are what will always keep us in business. We strive to make sure our customers are happy with their purchase from us. Many companies that sell Funko Claim to have Mint Condition guarantees but always fall short of those guarantees we try to be as honest to all of our customer. Should you not be satisfied with an item you can always return it up to 60 days from delivery. Check out our Return Policy Below with the link.

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