Welcome To Gear N' Bits

Welcome to Gear N' Bits
Hello and welcome to Gear N' Bits. My name is Bryan.  I would like to introduce everyone to Gear N' Bits. Gear N' Bits is an auto accessory company dedicated to providing you with all the gear needed to fully customize your vehicle. When your vehicle needs repairs come to us for all the bits and pieces needed. We carry a large selection of items in stock for most vehicles. We Carry Headlights, taillights, Mirrors, Bumpers, steering wheel covers, floor mats, seat covers, key chains, lanyards and many other items. Our online store is adding products to our website weekly. If you need a product for your vehicle and do not see it on our website contact us at to see if we can get the part you need. There are many Auto Accessory Companies out there how are we any different? Let me tell you.
  • Free Shipping on U.S. Orders over $75 (Only applies to the 48 Continental States)
                   -We offer Free Shipping on orders over $75 simple as that.
  • Low Shipping Cost 
                     -  We pass our Shipping Discounts to our Customers. What you see is what we pay. 
  • Hassle FREE Returns
                   -We offer real Hassle free returns. Most online companies say they offer hassle free returns but make it too much of a hassle to actually return a product or too expensive to return. it. We think we have one of the best Return policies out there. 
  1. Request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) stating reason for return.
  2. Print a PRE-PAID label we will send via e-mail.
  3. Send product back to us.
  4. We Inspect item and give you a refund.
        -It really is that simple check out our return policy
  • Expert Packaging
          - "What do you mean by expert packaging?? you may be asking yourself. We pack 99% of our product into pre determined boxes when sending them out. You would think most online companies would do that correct? The answer is no. How many times have you bought an item only to have it sent out in the original box with a label attached to it?Here at Gear N' Bits that is a no no.  Online companies try to save a few dollars by not putting items in boxes  and ultimately saving on shipping expenses. Here at Gear N' Bits we send 99% of our items in boxes with air pillows so that the items do not get damaged in transit.  By placing our  items in a  cardboard box we are  reducing the risk of your package getting lost, stolen and damaged. When shipping out electronics we seal them in poly paper to ensure that items inside don't get damaged if the carrier happens to leave package outside and starts to rain or snow. We send out about 1% of our items in Envelops but those items tend to be stuff like Key chains, air fresheners and coasters. Things that will not get ultimately damaged in transit. 
  • Excellent Customer Service
              -We respond to our customers concerns with in a 24HR time period. It doesn't matter if your order was .99 cents or 500 dollars we will assist you in any way possible. 
Here at Gear N' Bits we are dedicated to providing you with reliable service on all your auto accessory needs.Hopefully the reasons i have stated above are good enough reason for you to give us a try. You will not regret it. We will continue to update our blog on future projects. In the mean time Subscribe to our newsletter to receive promotions and updates. 

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